Hen Do

whittlebury hall

My sister and I arranged a lovely visit to the spa Whittlebury Hall for my Hen Do. We had a spa visit, treatments, booked a room and stayed for ‘Ladies Night’, which is as naughty as it sounds. 


We arrived early in the am and enjoyed the spa experience. I had a facial, fully body message and a thousand petal scrub treatment. They were incredibly enjoyable and seriously helped me to relax after our busy moving period.


The ladies night was so raunchy I’m afraid i wont post pictures as these gents let everything hang out, but i will tell you it was the most hilarious night I’ve had in a long time and i highly recommend anyone that’s local and wanting a fun night out to go see it when it’s on.


Altogether it was a simple Hen Do with really good friends, a good laugh and a nice place to stay and chill out.


We wont mention the copious amounts of junk food I absorbed the next day!




Reading Recommendation – 1

I adore to read. This is something I generally lose days doing, not hours but days, weeks, months!

I have amassed quite a collection of books. I wouldn’t say I have a type, if the synopsis is good and catches my attention I’ll buy it. I have a kindle and read a massive amount of original works online but there’s nothing quite like making a cup of tea, picking a good book and sitting on the swing seat in the garden on a sunny day.

I’ve recently just read, The Unmumsy Mum.


Now this book probably isn’t for everyone, it’s very tongue in cheek, with some ladish humour but I found it really fun as it appealed to my dry humor. It’s condensed a lot of my worries of becoming a parent into a great book that has made me less afraid of tackling motherhood.

unmumsy you

I highly suggest reading it if you are struggling with being a mum but don’t want to tell anyone incase you feel that you’ll be admitting your not cut out for it (you are cut out for it, things generally happen in phases, you can only take so much at a time and you’ll get through it!).

I have downloaded the second blue book, which is free on Kindle only. I will add in a little on this when I’ve gotten round to reading it! Which will probably be soon.


(Family Support)

Home Organising Ideas

When you live with your parents and you think I’m going to organise my house like this and we’ll have this, we’ll do this.

I thought I’d share a rough up of what ideas I have for our home, these vary from if we had a big old house to having a tiny new build (To be honest, at the moment I’d take anything!)

These are just a few of the idea’s I have and I’m just going to explain why I like each of them. All these images are from Pinterest, you can just look up organising, home organising etc and these will come up, I’m still working on how to link things.

As you’ll probably tell with several of these I’m very OCD with organisation, I have my room very similar and rigid like this. I reorganise things several times throughout the month and it really helps to calm me, I doubt I’ll be any different in our home, if anything I’ll be worse.


I really love cooking and I’m looking forward to my own pantry when we move. I know it won’t be big but it will be organised similar to this, if not I’ll invest in something similar to one of these fancy pantry cupboards. Mine will probably be a lot more colourful but I adore all the clear containers.


Wrapping paper. I adore wrapping, seriously love it. Mine is all in tall boxes, shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I can’t wait to try this as its a great idea, this way nothing gets crushed, crinkled or ripped and you don’t have to ‘dig’ anything out when you need it.


I’m not a height person, going up a ladder to the loft scares me so I’ll be sending MrGuine up there. I have a feeling if it’s clearly seasonally sectioned and kept neat, when I ask him to get a specific box then it’ll be easier than saying ‘its in the box’ when theres 30 boxes piled up there.

Official forms stress me, I’m quite paranoid about keeping them in order, my parent’s office ( I love you both!) is a mess. As I’m self employed I get a lot of important forms, need to keep my own accounts, tax returns, NI forms etc and I couldn’t live like this. I like my order, in my room everything is sectioned, highlighted, stapled, tabbed and filed.


I love this idea, it fills me with love of the possible. The kitchen in our home is the heart of the house, its where all the post goes, the newspapers, where the cooking happens, teas, daily catch ups. So I don’t think it’ll be too different in our home unless we have a horribly small kitchen which I’m dreading.


Staying on the kitchen, I love this idea. I want to do a lot more baking when we move out. Sweet treats are always popular at MrGuine’s work and I think it’ll be great for me to be creative.


You know when you have that draw, tin, sometimes even cupboard that has literally every type of stationary in but you stab yourself with pins, get ink all over your hand, blue tack sticks to everything. Yeah, I don’t want that.


Yes, underwear. Do any of you do this? I do, I’m currently using these lovely inserts from Ikea and I cannot wait to get more/new flowery ones for our house as I’ll have dozens of draws to organise!

Oh wow, I’m sad. Organise make happy! Hope that a few of you are like this too and found it helpful. (All images from Pinterest).



Smear Testing

ovarian cancer cell.jpg

In the last year my family has been touched by cancer, through my wonderful cousin and my best friends Grandad.

Today I want to talk about Smear Testing; sometimes the difference between life and death. A pretty serious topic but one that I feel needs to be spoken about often. We live in a day and age where cancer testing has come on leaps and bounds, yet I feel that a massive amount of people are unaware of their options until its too late.

I watched a video by Michelle and she spoke about a friend that has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. At such a young age, this is something that I feel strongly about as I wasn’t aware of smear testing until my letter came at the age of 25, the standard age in the UK where the test is offered free on the NHS.

Jade Goody died several years ago after finding abnormal cells after a smear, a smear that came too late and her cancer was too advanced. She left two little boys without a mother and had barely started life herself. I was really saddened by this news but was young at the time and didn’t realise the impact that it should have had.

So I’m going to ask if you’d please be willing to sign the petition to Mr Cameron to lower the age of Smear Testing in the UK to 16. This could give so many girls, women, future mothers, aunties, sisters, friends, wife’s, fiancés, girlfriends, daughters the opportunity to find anything abnormal earlier and have a better chance to fight it.

Ask yourself. What would you prefer, 16 and a chance to fight and cure it? Or nine years later, at 25, when those cells have possibly advanced to a horrible, incurable stage?

Thank you for either signing or your consideration.