Red and Gold

Due to the UK Referendum home is not a nice place to be at the moment. Its been filled with fearful, spiteful words. Family and friends divided and attacking each other on social media. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve run away from it, I’m already scared myself about the future of the country and I don’t need more scaremongering filling my head with more worries and the possibility of being verbally attacked by people I’ve known most of my life.


So I’ve retreated to my little corner that I’ve filled with things I like. I’ve decided to be shallow, play around with make up and ignore the world for a little bit longer as I believe that things are going to be hard for a long time.

I’ve been inspired by some ladies on instagram that do Lip Art and decided to take my own whirl at it, be gentle with me!


I started with a simple clean base, with a lip balm bath then a basic foundation base.


Then I used Fleur De Force Starry Starry Night and applied a layer of gold leaf. I did try buffing it after to see if a more broken up look worked better but it just ended up bleeding with the gloss which I didn’t like.

Hope things are going well wherever you are in the world!



Home Organising Ideas

When you live with your parents and you think I’m going to organise my house like this and we’ll have this, we’ll do this.

I thought I’d share a rough up of what ideas I have for our home, these vary from if we had a big old house to having a tiny new build (To be honest, at the moment I’d take anything!)

These are just a few of the idea’s I have and I’m just going to explain why I like each of them. All these images are from Pinterest, you can just look up organising, home organising etc and these will come up, I’m still working on how to link things.

As you’ll probably tell with several of these I’m very OCD with organisation, I have my room very similar and rigid like this. I reorganise things several times throughout the month and it really helps to calm me, I doubt I’ll be any different in our home, if anything I’ll be worse.


I really love cooking and I’m looking forward to my own pantry when we move. I know it won’t be big but it will be organised similar to this, if not I’ll invest in something similar to one of these fancy pantry cupboards. Mine will probably be a lot more colourful but I adore all the clear containers.


Wrapping paper. I adore wrapping, seriously love it. Mine is all in tall boxes, shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I can’t wait to try this as its a great idea, this way nothing gets crushed, crinkled or ripped and you don’t have to ‘dig’ anything out when you need it.


I’m not a height person, going up a ladder to the loft scares me so I’ll be sending MrGuine up there. I have a feeling if it’s clearly seasonally sectioned and kept neat, when I ask him to get a specific box then it’ll be easier than saying ‘its in the box’ when theres 30 boxes piled up there.

Official forms stress me, I’m quite paranoid about keeping them in order, my parent’s office ( I love you both!) is a mess. As I’m self employed I get a lot of important forms, need to keep my own accounts, tax returns, NI forms etc and I couldn’t live like this. I like my order, in my room everything is sectioned, highlighted, stapled, tabbed and filed.


I love this idea, it fills me with love of the possible. The kitchen in our home is the heart of the house, its where all the post goes, the newspapers, where the cooking happens, teas, daily catch ups. So I don’t think it’ll be too different in our home unless we have a horribly small kitchen which I’m dreading.


Staying on the kitchen, I love this idea. I want to do a lot more baking when we move out. Sweet treats are always popular at MrGuine’s work and I think it’ll be great for me to be creative.


You know when you have that draw, tin, sometimes even cupboard that has literally every type of stationary in but you stab yourself with pins, get ink all over your hand, blue tack sticks to everything. Yeah, I don’t want that.


Yes, underwear. Do any of you do this? I do, I’m currently using these lovely inserts from Ikea and I cannot wait to get more/new flowery ones for our house as I’ll have dozens of draws to organise!

Oh wow, I’m sad. Organise make happy! Hope that a few of you are like this too and found it helpful. (All images from Pinterest).




I have been looking over BMI scales and ideal weights. I know the old NHS BMI scales are flawed now as they don’t take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. However I’m pretty sure I have minimal muscles, so I’m going to see what sort of weight I should be. NHS BMI Calculator

I am 5’1 and I weight 13 stone, according to this I should weight in the region of, 6.7-9.3, this feels like a huge drop in weight (4 stone at the least) but it also makes me think about the implications that having this extra fat is doing to my body.

Bella and Harry Potter 2014 169.JPG

We have Rheumatoid Arthritis (a chronic progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints and resulting in painful deformity and immobility, especially in the fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles) which in our family, mainly centered in the knees.

My knees already ache/click and I’m thinking that the extra weight is really speeding up the possibility of me developing this early. This isn’t a thought that brings comfort, it makes me feel that the burger I sneaked on a Wednesday night was not worth it.

I am however trying to think really positive about the whole situation. I don’t want to punish myself for eating bad in the past and making this a really negative life change.


My eating is very attached to my emotions and I want to make this into a change that I can carry on through my adult life. I don’t want it to be a ‘diet’, I want it to be a new habit. I have been reading a lot of Inthefrow blog and the lovely Victoria has an incredibly positive and healthy outlook on her attitude to life. I highly recommend you look at her blog, the effort she puts into each post is astounding.

I’ve particularly been reading her Advice section which is really inspiring and has helped me to see that I’m letting a lot of outside influences effect my own inner being, that its dragging me down and I need to learn to brush off other peoples negativity and hate, to really focus on repairing my own confidence.

This is a reason why I’ve been trying so hard to cook so many more things at home from scratch. I’ve recently learnt how to make Chicken Katsu Curry, Chicken Teriyaki and have been trying out healthier home made pasta sauces, to try and stop consuming so many calories and MSG additives. I was gifted a lovely cookbook by MrGuine for Christmas and cannot wait to try the recipes in there either.

Have any of you been struggling with your weight and self confidence lately, if so how did you make the change, have you yet, will you?