YouTube Inspiration

I love doing creative looks, especially Halloween-ish based ones.

I recently watched Evelina Forsell do a creative video for her second look for the NYX Nordic Face Awards. Good luck to her! I voted for her in the first round, she’s got such a lovely outlook and I find her delightfully relaxing to listen to. Just what I’ve needed.


So I decided to put my new Urban Decay Pallet to good use. I created a pale face and went with a dark smokey look on the eye, the colour pay off is mental with the urban decay and I found myself too heavy-handed at times which required a lot of buffing. Also have to say I really like the brush that came with the pallet, a first for me!

It’s definately not as polished as her look but overall I’m quite happy with it, I feel mine had a more grungy feel than her prettier one. Altogether though I like it!

What are the creative looks you like to do?