How has everyone been? As you can tell by my Instagram I’ve been fussing with Halloween, going for a more natural hair colour and loving the Great British Bake Off. What have you all been up too?




Feeling Blue

So you guys already know of my colourful hair adventrues.



Well when I first did the creative colours the blue sadly didn’t take that great. I really wanted to try it again and thought why not, you live once. So I bleached the chunk of pink/purple and a bit more to boot.

Then slapped the blue dye all over it.. and ran out before I finished.

I didn’t panic, amazingly. I just spread it as much as I could. The colour was pretty but not as bold as I wanted it.

Wedding 008

I re-did it a week later, with much more colour and its come out a pretty lagoon blue. I don’t know if you can tell as much difference but I can up close.

I used the schwarzkopf blue, I really like this for an at home range and feel the colour holds really well.

Do you do creative?




I’ve been feeling very poorly this last week, seems I wasn’t quite over my cold and it developed into a very nasty, nasty cold as I was pushing myself and not resting. So I took some time out from everything but work really and rested. I’ve been able to get up and about in the last few days so I’m trying to get myself back into the swing of things!

Hope your all well.

Instagram 9 July


Creative Colouring at Home

You may remember from a previous post that I was on a journey to rose gold blonde. I got to this stage:

I adored it, like really loved the colour, how it made me feel, how it looked, people’s reactions. What I didn’t like? The damage it was doing, the sore scalp and the price.

For this kind of colour I was having to go once a month, this was £120 a pop. £720 in the six months that I did it for, may not seem like a lot but that’s £1440 a year. When saving for a house thats money that I could put to better use. So I decided to change my hair.

I had simply been doing a light brown dye for the last 3-4 months and was really unhappy with it. It just looked really boring, lacklustre and multi toned, basically a bad dye job.

So I thought I’d do something a bit more creative! I’m self-employed and work with children, they always enjoy fun changes and so I thought I’d add some pops of colour.

My hair was between the first and second blonde. Excited! I wanted a halo design, which meant I wanted a band of dark, turquoise, pink and dark again.

Reviews 022

It is a little fiddly to do yourself but you can. I recommend reading instructions though as I didn’t for the creatives and got into a little pickle trying to wet the hair needed.

My recommendation: take your time and read instructions!

I feel that I’ll have to do the turquoise again due to my mistake, I wet the blonde before hand for the pink. However overall I’m very happy with the result. I got out the old curling tongs and had a whirl with them to see if they showed off the colour a bit more. I’m very happy with the result.

Price tag: £19.98 and the comfort of home.


Rose Gold Hair

If there’s one thing that’s a massive pick me up and confidence boost, it happens with my hair. Having a background in the hair industry (6+ years), I know how much of a difference it can make. I saw a beautiful colour that the wonderful Guy Tang created on a model and I instantly fell in love with it. He called it Antique Rose and I instantly thought, YES! Go check out his YouTube, amazing work!

I’ve not done a full on inventive colour since my college days but I found a wonderful hairdresser that I feel comfortable with (no easy thing) and I spoke to her about what I eventually wanted to get to. She was so on board and said it sounded like so much fun. So we started the journey.

It took about four-five months to get me as blonde as below, then I left it about seven weeks to let my hair re-coup (and the finances) before going for the next big blonding step. Here come the glamorous shots!

phone 050.jpg

We used high lift bleach painted on.

If any of you have never had a full head of bleach on the scalp I’d say be very wary. Some people can react really horribly to it, some go into shock, blister and/or burn. Horror stories happen, if you have a good hairdresser they’ll go through all this with you.

We started by painting it all over and strand picking some places that were still darker, cue looking like a oddball for 45 minutes.

We then did an emulsion of the Fudge Medium Rose Gold 7.23 leaving that on for 45 minutes under cap and heat, I didn’t get a picture of this as the salon was really busy and I’m not comfortable with taking random selfies in public as you can probably tell from above.

My hairdresser recommended a conditioning treatment for after and doused it with almond oil to help encourage my natural oils and take care of it. Got to say it still feels like silk. A routine I will carry on at home.

I use Ojon Rare Blend Oil in Moisture Therapy and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum when caring for my hair.

It wasn’t as dark as either of us thought it would be but as soon as I stood in the daylight it looked beautiful. I am so incredibly pleased with this colour and cannot wait to show it off at all the Christmas events that I’ve got going on in December.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best, I’m hoping to get a tripod and photographer lights for Christmas to use my nice camera, for now I’m relying on my phone. (I got the tripod, from the lovely MrGuine, just working on lighting now!)

Before, during and after.

Cannot wait to see how it come out the next time, I adore it! As you can tell I get regular cuts, the blue in the before photo I had to chop off as I hadn’t bleached it properly or cared for it right, bad for an ex hairdresser. If your going to use bleach or want to lighten, I strongly recommend that you go to a professional, qualified hairdresser, for something like mine – level 3/above or lots of experience.

I go to Universal Hair Studios in Grange Farm and would highly recommend them. What do you think, have you done an overhaul to you hair? Does it make you feel better?