Mini Drug Store Haul

On my little trip up the city to pick up my MK bag I dropped into Boots to replenish my make up stocks. Its mad I have so much make up but I always end up re-stocking on the same things.

So today I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased new products of my classics that I’d run out of.

I’m looking forward to this new concealer, I’ve had many of my regular YouTuber’s recommend it as they had the wake me up which I enjoyed.

I have picked up a new mascara. I’d been using the Clinique High Impact for probably the last 4 years. I just felt recently that it was really, really lacking, my lashes just looked short and stubby, it seemed to clump them badly and I just wanted a fresh start with a new type.

Again this has been recommended by several YouTuber’s. I will be doing in-depth reviews on all these products.


Last classic replacement was my Gimmie Brow. I’ve been using this for goodness only knows how long?! I don’t remember its been years. However since the re-launch. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or not but I’m just not happy with it anymore.

I’m quite excited about this one! I think the colour will match my brows really well and hopefully give some nice definition as well as taming them for the day.

Two other cheeky little purchases were a nude eyeliner to hopefully help me look more awake. I’ve also recently fallen back in love with the bold black eyeliner look, so I’ve picked up a nice soft black liner.


As I have said I’ll be doing an in-depth review of each of these and let you know what I think of them in place of my ‘classics’.




Mini Haul

I popped out with MrGUINE today to buy a present for my friend that I’m seeing on Saturday. It’s her birthday next weekend but as she lives in London I doubt I’ll get to see her then.

We’re quite close and she’s a friend that I find so easy to buy for. Some what way too easy as it leaves me with dozens and dozens of options.

Anyway I brough some things for me while we were out too. The weight loss is going really well and I decided to treat myself.

Dior, Zara and Benefit 005

I bought a beautiful Blazer, I still need to lose a bit more weight for this to fit comfortably but I found it too beautiful to look past. £49.99

I picked out a lumber-jack checkered shirt, I’ve wanted one of these for years but felt restricted by my weight. Now that I’ve lost a bit I’m branching out of my comfort zone a little bit. I still don’t know if I’ll wear it until I lose a bit more weight but the option is there if I want to. £19.99

I picked out a Dior gloss for my friend along side a jacket and a top. I couldn’t help but picked up a cheeky one for myself too! I’ve read and seen a lot of this gloss lately and had to try it. It’s very moisturising so far and sits comfortably on the lips, not sticky but a slight slick feeling.

Dior 2

(Sorry for the sore lip, i bit it earlier in the day!)

Dior 4

I love the Benefit Gimmie Brow and have been using it for a long time now, however when I went in today they had none in stock. Mine was so dried out though and had started to clump so I needed something. I picked out Speed Brow, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m quite excited to!


Eyelash Haul

I popped into Boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer, so I used this as a chance to buy some lashes in bulk.

phone 084.jpg

I thought that I went in at the deep end with Fleur and Fabulous lashes as an application novice, so I got beginnerlashes to try.


I loved the look of these as they look light come with a practise lash and have an applicator/extra glue included.


I was pleased when I found these more natural lashes in the collection.

phone 086.jpg

The individual lashes I wanted to try, I’m very impressed that these come with so many medium lengths as the long look too un-natural to me but I will try them. I was happy when buying them as the till clerk said that I had beautiful lashes and I didn’t need to worry about fake ones!

makeup 003.jpg

I also bought a new fuller coverage foundation, its called a gel formula. I haven’t tried it yet so I will share my thoughts on it when I do.