Michael Kors Bag Review

I went to Bicester Village in October with my Mum and Sister. It was a really beautiful, sunny, if cold day and was lovely to spend some quality time together. We shopped, lunched and I impulsively bought something as I had been saving so hard lately I just wanted to be a little wild!


So, under ‘bad’ influence. I brought my first Michael Kors bag. It was half price, brand new in and such a stunning statement colour!


I adore it, sadly I cannot find this any where on the internet to link it but I’ve attached Michael’s site for you.

Now I had gotten this out of its dust sleeve and used it probably 3 times. On the 4th time, out to dinner with friends, I head back to my car, laid it on the passenger seat and noticed a blue disk in the foot well.


I was really confused as I picked it up, I sat for ages trying to figure it out what it was. Turns out its the blue disc from the inner keyring! Now if this was a £20 bag I’d of either just thrown the disc away or glued it back in myself.


But this bag is worth £320.

This may be a drop in the ocean to some people, it may not be considered much for a ‘designer’ bag but for me? It was an investment and to have this happen after 4 uses I was so upset.

I’ve gathered everything up and am taking it back to my local store to see what they can do about it, if it can be replaced/returned or if they can send it ‘away’ to be fixed.

Edit: They thankfully took the bag in, no quabbles. They asked if i’d like to return it or send it off for repair, they seemed as upset as I did that it broke. So in 4 weeks hopefully it’ll be back and better than new!



Champneys Hand and Nail Cream – Review

I was very lucky to be gifted a treat before my holiday by one of the little ones I look after (and their parents).

I’m very into my nail art and sadly due to having to wash my nails dozens of times a day I find my hands dry and my nails bend and break.


I was very nicely gifted Champneys Health Spa Luxury Harmonious Hand Restoring Hand and Nail Cream with SPF15.

This is described as a treat for the hands, nourishing with chamomile, orange, mandarin and restorative vitamins A, C, E and B5 for good measure. Your hands will love you for it.

It’s a thick luxury cream that I have to say smells surprisingly more of the camomile to me rather than the citrus, which normally overpowers most gentle smells. So good marks for that.

It’s a totally non-greasy formula that I love as well. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling like I can’t touch anything after, its sinks in instantly. I’ve found that it also give a nice sheen to my nails, I’ve been sick recently as many of you will know and my nails have suffered badly, I suppose to your body they’re not vital things to keep healthy at that time.

So I’ve been using the cream twice a day for the last 6 days and they are starting to look bright and healthy again, it’s helped the dry skin around the edges and my hands are smooth and blemish free.

I will definitely be investing in this after it runs out. I feel for the price that it’s a gem and an absolute steal to feel that little bit of luxury throughout the week. Not to mention the benefits that I’ve found to my nails and the surrounding skin.

What indulgent little treats have you been gifted?


Fudge Kitchen

While in Bath we dropped off into a fudge shop called Fudge Kitchen as it was just far too inviting not to!

The gentleman in there was making some at the time and boiling it down in the storefront window. He was incredibly chatty, gave a nice welcome and was a great salesman!


They had a nice little selection to pick from and let us have as many samples as we wanted to try. Personally I didn’t try any, I’d eaten bad enough that weekend as it was but I have a family of fudge lovers and wanted to take some home.


They had an offer of 6 for £20 which I thought was a bargain, mass-produced stuff local to me is about £3.99 a bag let alone hand-made slabs!

So I picked four and a couple of the girls I was with picked one each.

I walked away with Double Chocolate, Traditional, Vanilla and Salted Caramel.


I adore the Traditional and Salted Caramel.

I found the Vanilla slightly too sugary for my tastes a shame as its one of my favourite flavours/smells.

The Double Chocolate is sinfully rich and butter soft.

I would highly recommend walking away with some of these on your visit, especially the Salted Caramel if you’re a fan of it.


Dior Lash Maximizer 3D

I’ve brought many products from Dior, some that I’ve loved, others that have sat in a draw but I don’t have the heart to throw away. I’m on their mailing list and had this little beauty drop through my post box not long ago.


It’s the Dior Lash Maximizer 3D, which is a primer that thoroughly plumps lashes.
A new-generation formula for immediately oversized lashes and daily conditioning.

Back in the day I used to use Clinique’s one of these and then fell out of love with it and didn’t bother again.

But it was a sample so I decided to try it.


After application I didn’t think much to its thickening ability and even its lengthening seemed a bit lacklustre but I applied my mascara as normal.

Left with. Right without.

Its worked nicely, made a little impact but not something that I feel I’d really bother with. There’s many mascaras many high street, that do this by themselves. This isn’t personally a step that I’ll be adding to my routine but its a nice indulgence.

Would you add it to yours?