Urban Decay – Naked

Yes. I know. I’m very late to the Naked Palette Obsession.

But I’ve never brought myself one, however I got my sticky mitts on one from a good friend for my birthday! I’ve only just had a play about with it as I’ve been feeling sick.

Oh my gosh, I can see why its a cult favorite.The buttery, satin silkiness of the shadows is immense and that pay off with the barest brush is amazing.


I personally have found a real liking with Sin, Sidecar, Half Baked, Toasted and Gunmetal. These are real ‘me’ colours, things that I would use in an average make up look.


I will create a few different looks with this palette and give my thoughts on how easy they are to use, blend and how I feel they last on my dry skin.



Rosie for Autograph Inspired Look

I started with clean bare skin. I made sure that I had moisturized well and that I had my balm on my lips for later on.

Bare Face 2.JPG
Bare Faced

I started off with applying the Amazing Radiance Cream. I’m enjoying the gentle, smooth glow that this gives you.

With Radiance Cream 2.JPG
With Radiance Cream

Next – foundation/concealer, which smoothed over lovely. I applied a light layer of eyeshadow after I felt my foundation had set.

With foundation 2.JPG
With Foundation and eye base

After this I cracked out the beautiful Magic Contour bronzer. Words cannot describe how much I fell in love with this buttery, soft powder. I have very pale skin so its hard to find a bronzer/contour powder that doesn’t make me look like I’ve smeared mud on my face. My Burberry Bronzer is very loved but even that can be slightly strong and need toning down.

With contour.JPG
With Contour

No such problem with this one, it blended flawlessly.

Then pulled out the Insta-Glow Bronze, swirled my brush in the beautiful rose pattern and swiped over my cheekbones, brow bone, down my nose and on my cupids bow.

With bronze insta glow.JPG
With Insta-Glow Bronze

Voila – a Rosie inspired look.

Would you like to add something to your collection? I’d highly recommend this line.


Rosie for Autograph

I have been dying to get my hands on this collection, sadly my local M&S doesn’t stock it and I had no need to make a trip into town. Luckily I have my brother and best friends birthdays coming up so I tried the big store while shopping for their present’s and they stocked it!

I treated myself to a few items from Rosie’s collection.

Rosie for Autograph 001

Amazing Radiance Cream £18.00, Ruth from A Model Recommends used this in a video and I loved the result that she had.

I had wanted one of the eyeshadow pallets but the one I liked ‘I Feel Like A Million Dollars’ was currently out of stock in store so I couldn’t pick one up, my bank account thanks the store!

Rosie for Autograph 015

Insta-Glow Bronze £20.00, this simply looked too beautiful to pass up. It has a pearlecent glow throughout it and looked glorious when I swatched it in store.

Rosie for Autograph 020

Magic Contour Bronzer £18.00, I loved that this contour was such a light colour. I’m very pale and my foundation colour is generally Ivory. I am a dedicated lover of my Burberry bronzer and recently just hit pan on it, as much as I loved it I was happy to give something a little cheaper a go. Lets see if I love it as much.

Also rose gold packaging, Rosie’s onto a winner there. I will be doing a whole make up look with these and will post an in-depth review of textures, pay-off and durability for you! (Any excuse.)

Have you tried the collection? What was your favourite piece?


My Reach for Make-Up Collection

I’ve seen several insane make up collections on YouTube, some beautifully stored, some that I didn’t think much to and some that just looked like pure chaos. Then I realised that there was no rhyme or reason to my make up storage but everything was neat, clean and in-date.

So I’ve decided to share my little collection with you all!

I have my large items, that are used regularly stored on a shelf of my bookcase. They’re pretty to look at, things that I’m proud of and reach for to often to store away.


My brush collection, hair bands and Kirby grips sit on the bottom shelf of my desk.


My second shelf is full of my ‘everyday’ make-up, this is stuff that I reach for constantly and never want to be too far.


My top shelf is generally skin care, these are creams/serums/moisturizers that I use nightly and in the morning.


On a shelf in the back of my room I have my more special, don’t use too often but like to have make-up.

What’s in your reach for make-up collection?


Review – Bourjois City Radiance

I bought Bourjois City Radiance on the off-chance that it would work well with my skin. I’d heard some negative and mixed reviews online but wanted to give it a try as it’s supposed to be a radiance booster. I’d also like to point out that I find this very light coverage for a foundation.


To me I thought this would mean a moisturizing glow. Sadly after nearly a few months of solo testing I find myself let down by it. As you know I suffer from very dry skin but I didn’t expect this to cling or settle so badly. It seemed to leach out my hard-worked for moisture and settled into every crack and dry patch I have. It left creases in my eyelids, gathered in my fine lines and when I tried to blend it seemed to roll off, if that makes sense?


Creasing build up

It hasn’t seemed to matter if I’ve cleansed, moisturizing, primed or not, applied by brush, blender or finger. If I bake or don’t. Once settled I find it very difficult to work with and sadly don’t feel comfortable in it when I got out. This is a thumbs down for me, I still have half a tube left which I won’t be using.

I grabbed a stick of Rimmel Hide The Blemish when I was staying at MrGUINES, we were going out and I’d forgotten mine. It worked ok on the spot, was enough for what I needed at the time, but with more use, as my solo concealer, again its been a disappointment.

I find it quite thick and clingy. Not always a bad thing with a concealer but I found it hard to blend, its not something I’d recommend layering either. This settled very badly on my under eye, on any dry patches, around spots and around my nose. So again this is another thumbs down for me.

If you have very dry skin like mine I recommend trying something different.


* A small disclaimer, I am not laying hate on these brands. I use other products from them with great success but sadly this time it didn’t work out. These may work great if you have oily skin so maybe give them a go!

Mini Haul

I popped out with MrGUINE today to buy a present for my friend that I’m seeing on Saturday. It’s her birthday next weekend but as she lives in London I doubt I’ll get to see her then.

We’re quite close and she’s a friend that I find so easy to buy for. Some what way too easy as it leaves me with dozens and dozens of options.

Anyway I brough some things for me while we were out too. The weight loss is going really well and I decided to treat myself.

Dior, Zara and Benefit 005

I bought a beautiful Blazer, I still need to lose a bit more weight for this to fit comfortably but I found it too beautiful to look past. £49.99

I picked out a lumber-jack checkered shirt, I’ve wanted one of these for years but felt restricted by my weight. Now that I’ve lost a bit I’m branching out of my comfort zone a little bit. I still don’t know if I’ll wear it until I lose a bit more weight but the option is there if I want to. £19.99

I picked out a Dior gloss for my friend along side a jacket and a top. I couldn’t help but picked up a cheeky one for myself too! I’ve read and seen a lot of this gloss lately and had to try it. It’s very moisturising so far and sits comfortably on the lips, not sticky but a slight slick feeling.

Dior 2

(Sorry for the sore lip, i bit it earlier in the day!)

Dior 4

I love the Benefit Gimmie Brow and have been using it for a long time now, however when I went in today they had none in stock. Mine was so dried out though and had started to clump so I needed something. I picked out Speed Brow, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m quite excited to!


YSL and Clinique

This is an older purchase, the YSL Tint-in-Oil – Crush Me Orange


As always I just prep my lips with my By Terry Balm while I do the rest of my make up.


I was looking for a coral gloss. Something low maintenance that I could just slick on. This turned out to be a little not to my taste but its something I wear from time to time when I want something bolder.


Its a nice formula, slightly sticky but I find it very moisturising. Not something I’d wear on a windy day though.

I have also recently bought the Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter

Make Up Reviews 023

I love it, like daily use loving it.


I used it subtly but I found that I needed to put much more on for it to be visible in the photograph. This may be something for you to think about. Its hard to overload on in my opinion and very easy to blend out if you think you have too much on.