We did it !

Just a little update to explain my absence. 

We have completed and moved into our first home together!

I’ll be doing a whole series on decorating and making it a home. 

See you soon!


Mortgage Application 3.0

Yeah, this is the reason that I’ve basically disappeared for the last month. If I wasn’t at work I was talking to the brokers, filling out things for the solicitors, emailing my accountant and waiting for HMRC. Luckily I also managed to fit in some social bits too, but you know moneys tight.

So what we’ve done next in this journey.

We got our approval from the UK Governments Help to Buy which was a pressure off and made us happy, we’ve filled out everything for that, signed everything and that’s a go. Surprisingly this was a really easy bit.


So tip 4if your worried about the help to buy scheme; don’t be. As long as you qualify it is very straight forward. The government have some really helpful videos on their website too.

We sadly had a big delay with ordering my SA302’s from HMRC. We found out for some reason my accountant wasn’t registered as my accoutant with HMRC so we needed to wait up to seven working days for the code to come through to name her as my accoutant. After that we ordered my last two years worth of SA302’s.

These didn’t arrive after ordering the first time which felt like a wasted 2 weeks and a lot of pressure from the brokers even though I’d explained the situation to them there was nothing I could do; you don’t try to rush HMRC along.

So tip 5 if you have an accountant, make sure that for whatever reason HMRC recognises them as such otherwise they can’t handle things for you.

Tip 6 and again I cannot stress this enough, order your SA302’s before you even start looking into buying a house, just have them for the sake of having them!


As we’d had to sign a lot of things and you know people’s signatures change over time. MrGUINES has obviously changed since he got his driving license so we needed to get his signature verified and certificated by his bank for the solicitors to accept it (obviously they did, no problem). It is however little things like this that are niggly and can cause small delays.

So tip 7 if your signature has changed and is different now from your license (as it very well may be, for us its 10 years down the line since we signed our licenses) but you bank has your new signature on their system, just pop in and get a certificated letter from them that says your you.


I do hope that this series is managing to help any of you first time buyers out there. Your really not alone is this scary, exciting step!