Red Peacock Photography

Our incredible photographer for our wedding was Nicola from Red Peacock Photography.

Property of Nicola and copyright.

She is brilliant.

Nicola specialises in candid photographing, she obviously does posed photos but her candidness is what attracted us to her. I began following her facebook page way back at the beginning of 2016, after observing her work for a few weeks, I mention her to MrG and he was more than happy to go ahead with her.

I arranged a meeting, she had our date available, so we booked! 1.5 years in advance. Nicola as far as I’m aware is being booked rapidly for 2018 already.

She made us feel very at ease, was a burst of bright positive energy when she arrived on the morning and began snapping away.

If you are based in the Milton Keynes area I would highly recommend checking her work out as we’re completely in love with ours.