The Blue Rinse

The Blue Rinse band were phenomenal.

Kirsty & Ryan-468

We found these guys first. Originally we had booked them for 17.06.2017, a Saturday, but it turns out that when we fell in love with our venue the Saturday was booked!

I spoke to the wonderful Marie whom was very understanding, checked with the band members and hurrah, they could do the Friday!

So we re-booked, confirmed the venue and deposited on both of them. With the band, they ask for your first song, your top 10 DJ songs and a few other bits that we didn’t use.

Due to timings at the wedding I was very conscious about how tight things were going to be so contacted Marie and asked if the lads were willing to do an early extension. Of course this came with a cost but they were willing to oblige.

They were truly something else at the venue. They got people up, the songs were brilliant and they kept everything upbeat and positive throughout the night. Their DJ was brilliant, he played in between sets and ended the night for us.

Kirsty & Ryan-528

Our first song was wonderful, we chose ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri. I had been concerned that this would be out of their vocal range but I needn’t have been, they nailed it and it was an emotional dance.